How does an online consultation look like?

How does an online consultation look like?

What is an online consultation?

An online consultation is a live video conference, as opposed to a face to face meeting at home.

Before the consutation I send you a questionnaire so that I can learn about your particular situation and undestand your needs and wishes.

We pick the meeting date, connect on Zoom or any other platform and jump straight into the topic.


How does an online consultation look like?

During our meeting I present you various carrying options with their pros and cons and together we pick the one that suits you and your baby best. The session is flexible - it follows your baby's rhythm, so you can cuddle, feed, change or put him to sleep when needed. If necessary - we can also divide the session in two and finish at a more suitable time - no worries, I've been there before :)

The topics we cover depend on you and what you want to learn. However we always cover the theoretical part in full: infant's spine and hips development, safety in slings and baby positioning, so that you can confidently assess the safety of your carry in the future.

Following the choice of your carrying tool and the theoretical part, we jump straigth into practice. I present you the carry step by step, at least a couple of times, and then we practice together until you master it.

After the consultation I stay in touch with you to answer your questions and support you in taking your first babywearing steps.


How to get ready for an online consultation?

You don't really need to do much to prepare :)
You will just need a good internet connection and a device (a computer or smartphone) with a camera.
However if you want to make the session a bit easier to follow, there are a few things you can arrange beforehand, for example:
  • stand in front of the source of light so that I can see you clearly (avoid standing with your back to the window or bright lamp)
  • have a big mirror next to you, so you can see yourself tying
  • cast our video to the big screen, e.g. your TV
  • wear clothes that are of a different colour than your wrap
  • prepare a big doll or a teddy which you can use during wrapping practice (a small pillow will do the job too!)


What if you don't have a wrap yet?

If you don't have a wrap, we can split the consultation into two meetings. In the first meeting we will discuss your needs and I will advise you what type of wrap or carrying tool would suit you best. Once you buy it - we will hold the second meeting dedicated to practicing with your new wrap. Alternatively, you can also borrow a wrap from a friend or a sling library in your area and practice with it before you buy your own.


A video tutorial or online consultation?

Not everybody needs a consultation. For some people it is enough to practice on their own with the help of an online tutorial and end up with a great carry!

There is a lot of good of video tutorials online, however if you are a beginner it might be difficult to know which ones are 'right' and filmed by certified babywearing advisors. I remember from my own experience how difficult and stressful it was to follow a video tutorial - certain steps were done so quickly that I had to rewind the video several times to understand  it. The end effect was still different from the one in the video and I wondered if I was carrying my baby safely.

If you would like to have the tutorial adjusted to your pace, let me see you tying, guide your moves step by step and correct possible mistakes on the go - then an online consultation is for you! We are 'virtually' close - and almost as if we were standing next to each other. You can ask questions at any time and get answers immediately. The session is interactive and hence much better than trying on your own with a video or a booklet.