Hi, I am Kasia and I am a mum and certified babywearing consultant based in Bussum in the Netherlands. I give face-to-face and online consultations to expectant and new parents and offer a selection of baby wraps and carriers through my webshop.


My aim is to empower new parents by giving them tools to make their parenting journey easier and more enjoyable. Becoming a parent is often a challenging process and in the chaos of the first few months we don't really know where to look for help. 


In my case babywearing was the best thing that happened to me during this time and brought a wealth of benefits to our whole family. Having a baby who couldn't be put away for a minute and always cried in the pram made me think it's going to be a rough ride. But I was determined to find a way to make it work for both of us. I discovered that through babywearing I could keep my daughter close and happy and at the same time enjoy long walks, shopping, cooking or catching up with family and friends. A real win-win! I am still carrying my daughter daily and we both love it. Babywearing brought us closer than I imagined we could be and it has been a true blessing in my motherhood journey.


Following my passion I decided to become a certified babywearing consultant to help other new parents discover this beautiful and natural, yet sometimes not fully recognized practice. My love for testing various wraps and carriers helped me to build a solid practical knowledge of the tools available on the market. In my webshop I am offering a carefully prepared selection of the best of them, so that new mums and dads can confidently carry their little ones while enjoying their new lifes with the baby to the fullest.