When and how to start back carrying?

When and how to start back carrying?

One of the common questions I get during my babywearing consultations is when and how can you start back carrying.

Well, there is no single answer... 😉

In certain cultures babies are safely worn on their parents' backs from a very young age. The wrapping skills are passed from generation to generation and back carrying newborns is often indispensable when parents need to have hands free to work or take care of older children at home.

However in today's fractured society we often need to learn about babywearing from the very beginning, as many new parents only discover this option when their little one arrives and wants to be held all the time. Parents usually look for advice from support groups or babywearing professionals, because it is important to do it with appropriate care and caution. But once they learn how to do, they often feel ready to start earlier with their new baby!

So what are the best wraps and carriers for back carry and when to use them?

👉 Woven wraps are best to start with if you want to put a very young baby (not holding their head up) on your back. Soft wraps can be tightened strand by strand and thus baby's neck and the entire spine has an optimal support and the hips are in an ergonomic position

👉 Soft meh dais or half buckle carriers, ideally made of a woven fabric are great to use for newborns and small babies

👉 Buckle carriers are a fantastic option for a baby who has strong torso and upper body muscles (which usually comes at a time when the baby starts to sit unaided)

Buckle carriers are not as flexible as wraps and sometimes don't provide enough neck/head support and generally make the baby sit lower on the parent's back, but they could be used earlier too, e.g. if you can't use other tools or if your front is already taken by another child 😉 - there are maaany things you can do to ensure that it is safe and comfortable!

Back carrying is challenging and takes practice, but it's great fun too! If you would like to learn how to back carry your baby or a toddler - don't hesitate to ask, I will be happy to help!