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Adjustable Summer Hat Original (hemp&cotton) - Della Robia Blue

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The ManyMonths Summer Hat protects the child's delicate skin from harmful rays of the sun– and it looks fun! 

In the design, we’ve taken into account that not only the head, but also the forehead, ears, nose, cheeks, chin and neck need protection, and thus the ManyMonths hat has a much larger brim than other common summer hats.


  • Head circumference is adjustable for a perfect fit.

  • Can be tied under the chin (the two smallest sizes)

  • The brims have good-looking, durable bindings and the seams have been made flat.

  • Every hat has a beautiful coconut button in front, which enables the front brim to be lifted up when needed (for example during a picnic)

Sizing (head circumference)

Charmer/Explorer              ca 42-46 cm

Adventurer/Conqueror      ca 46-52 cm

Innovator & Enthusiast     ca 52-55 cm 

If your child has thick hair, prefers a looser fit, or has a head circumference close to the maximum, rather choose the next size. 

Please note that the brim width also gets bigger.



55% hemp, 45% organic cotton


Why hemp fabric for a summer hat? 

The hemp fiber is porous, which means that it breathes very well and feels wonderfully cool in the summer. Still, it is considered to be about ten times stronger than cotton and thus tends to be much more durable in use. Hemp clothing softens perfectly in use and these garments quickly become favourites we don’t want to take off at all. The hemp crop doesn’t need herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or even fertilizers to grow, so its cultivation is environmentally friendly and the clothing naturally safe to use. 

The ManyMonths ECO Original Summer Hat fabric was lab-tested in a blue colour and exceeded the UPF 50+ rating (which is the highest possible and means protection of more than 98%). The lighter woven hemp/organic cotton was lab-tested in a red colour and got a UPF 22+ rating, i. e. it blocked 96% of UVB-rays and 95% of UVA-rays. This is natural UV protection - we don't add any UV-protection chemicals to the ManyMonths ECO Hempies Summer Hats.


We will sew it for you! Sent to you straight from the manufacturer in 6-9 working days.

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