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LennyLamb Cloth Diaper Starter Set - Newborn Size - Green Pea & Fresh Mint

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The LennyLamb cloth diaper set is perfect for parents who want to get started with cloth diapering, but don't know where to begin and which option will be best for them. We have prepared a starter pack for you. Thanks to the variety of the set, you can check what will be perfect for you and your baby.

The set comes in three sizes - Newborn, Mini One Size and One Size - depending on baby's age, clothing size and weight (see details below)

The Newborn size:

  • Age: from birth to about 2-3 months depending on baby's body build
  • Clothing size: from birth to about 62/68 (25-27’’) depending on baby's body build
  • Weight: from birth to about 5.5-6 kg (12-13lbs) depending on baby's body build

The Newborn set includes:

  • 1 x wool cover - Green Pea - size NB
  • 1 x wool cover - Fresh Mint - size NB
  • 2 x “Butterfly” Fitted Diaper - size NB
  • 1 x Cotton Birdseye “Airplane” Diaper - size NB
  • 2 x Cotton Flat Birdseye Diaper - 50x50cm
  • 1 x Cotton Flat Diaper - 50x50cm
  • 1 x Snappi® diaper fastener, size 1 (we send a random color)



We will sew it for you! Sent to you straight from the manufacturer in 5-7 working days.

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